Desiree capturing Ochi artist, Alison Van Pelt’s show, THE HORSE

What is your earliest memory/ awareness that you wanted to be involved in the “creative life”?

 Hmm. That is a very good question. I think the creative life is just the way I have always lived. I grew up on a 600 acre ranch about an hour from Sun Valley. It was actually a farm, because we grew wheat, not animals, but for some reason I always think a farm needs chickens or something, so I call it a ranch. The closest little town was 30 minutes away and our nearest neighbor was a mile. I spent most of my time outside, figuring out ways to entertain myself. My two older sisters and I would play “make-believe,” build forts, color and paint anything with a surface, catch butterflies, and play dress up with our pets. We had a lot of interaction with animals and nature. In the wintertime, I would just sit for hours playing by myself in the snow. I was always talking to myself and singing. My mom just let me be and I was encouraged to be in my own little creative world. We had an old black and white TV with access to local Idaho PBS.  My mom would plop me down in front of the Bob Ross painting program while she vacuumed or worked around the house. As a result of my childhood and my mother’s support and encouragement to develop my artistic side, I have a very active internal, visual world.  My dreams are especially vivid. I tend to spend a lot of time sorting through all of the pictures and stories running through my head. It is good that I now have a camera and editing software to help with this process!


WildHorseAdoption-When people ask you what Capturing Wild Horses is about, what do you say?

Capturing Wild Horses is a documentary about the wild horse roundup that recently took place in Challis and also the process of trying to “capture” what wild horses are to me.

 How did your perspectives on wild horses change throughout the course of this project?

Last spring and summer, I spent some time poking around Idaho’s wild horse country, near the Lower East Fork of the Salmon River. I interviewed several wild horse advocates leading up to the controversial roundup that took place last fall. Then I spent about a week filming the roundup and interviewing the BLM officers who were in charge of the operation. It was very informative, but also tough to watch. When I came to your opening of the Alison Van Pelt paintings, “Horses”, I kind of freaked out.  In her paintings, she captured everything I wanted to see when I was filming the wild horses, but what I witnessed was the exact opposite. It is for this reason I am so excited to show a bit of my footage and talk about my film in the context of her beautiful paintings.


What are you working on now?WildHorseGray

Right now, I’m working on a fundraising campaign which is launching April 1st on Kickstarter, a website dedicated to help artists meet their project fundraising goals. I’m hoping to raise enough money to complete the film by this summer.


Favorite films?

For being a filmmaker, I have not watched a lot of movies! I most recently watched Beasts of the Southern Wild and Life of Pi, which I admire for bringing such a magical quality to the screen. Off the top of my head, the first movie that really impacted me was a film called The Bear.  It is a first person account of a little bear cub making his way in the wild.  It was made by a French filmmaker in the 80s and filmed in the Dolomites, so what’s not to love!  The first movie I ever saw was Jaws (we drove all the way from the ranch-farm to Hailey for that one) and the movie I have probably seen the most is Greece 2.  It was available as a rental from the supermarket/gas station/post office that serviced our local community.


OchiPhoto2DeSiree’ Fawn is a recent graduate of The New School’s innovative MA in Media Studies graduate program in New York City, where she focused in new media and documentary studies. While earning her Master of Arts, DeSiree’ was one of a select group of students from NYU, Columbia, and The New School appointed to The Producers Guild East student membership program. Prior to attending The New School, DeSiree’ lived in San Francisco and worked for six years in public relations for Silicon Valley based media technology companies, including four years at Electronic Arts. During her undergraduate studies, DeSiree’ spent several semesters studying art in Italy and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Montana State University in Bozeman. In her first documentary, The Phantom Wolves of Sun Valley, DeSiree’ explores the conflict over wolves in her hometown community of Sun Valley, Idaho.

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